Stop the Acronyms – and P.S. …

Some of my favorite tools that help me renew my enthusiasm are pissed off today. My social bookmarking service, Pinboard, has a banner protesting SOPA and PIPA. has strayed from its “no politics” policy to write this blog entry, Help Stop SOPA/Pipa.

And when Wikipedia is mad, I’m rightfully concerned. So, I’ll just take Wikipedia’s prompt, I’ll put in my zip code to contact my local representative….hold on just a second while I type that out….

Wikipedia - No senators were found for your zip code

Wikipedia - No senators were found for your zip code

Oh, right. My elected official – only one, DC does not have a senator – doesn’t have the right to vote in Congress. There are 500,000 people of voting age in the District of Columbia that do not have this basic democratic right.

So, please, do me a favor. Whenever you contact your representative, can you add a P.S. for me?

P.S. I’m writing this also on behalf of my friend in the District of Columbia. She doesn’t have a voting representative in Congress to whom she can write and have advocate on her behalf. The current system of DC voter disenfranchisement is unacceptable. Can you please add supporting DC Statehood to your list of things to do today?

Thank you.</a
People’s District: DC is more than just the U.S. government and crime statistics. See real stories of real people that live in the District of Columbia. All of whom don’t have voting representation in Congress.
Huffington Post: D.C. Voting Rights: Should Local Corruption Be Used To Justify City’s Disenfranchisement?

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