Bracing for the cold – and a comfort zone expansion

Be of Good Cheer

Just a bunch of pansies. (They are actually quite a hardy plant, so why the pejorative?)
Photo by KitAy on Flickr

I’m a bit of a cold pansy, I admit it.  Actually, pansies are tougher than I am in the cold. So when it snows in October, on the weekend of my New River Gorge Climbing and Yoga retreat, you can imagine my distress.

Don’t panic, I tell myself. Perhaps I’ve just never been properly dressed for the cold. (I’m new at this badass lifestyle, remember.) I stop by North Face and Patagonia to get an education on layering. Two and a half hours later, armed with a Capilene base layer and PrimaLoft synthetic down jacket, I barely escape DC’s Friday rush hour traffic and HOV restrictions.

The festivities are already under way when I arrive. I’ve missed restorative yoga designed to work the kinks out after the long drive. The caterer heats up a dish for me just before she finishes taking the leftovers and equipment to the car. I made it in time for the introductions, so it’s all good. It’s a warm, friendly group. Just what you’d expect at a climbing and yoga retreat. The hot tub works the some of magic I missed by skipping yoga.

Opossum Creek Retreat

It would have been great to see this sign when I arrived. Here it is in the daytime: Opossum Creek Retreat. I highly recommend it as a get-away.

The next day, we wake up to about an inch of snow on the ground, maybe less. We start with foundational yoga at 7am. We’re opening up our hips and shoulders for a day of climbing. Yes. I said “snow on the ground” and “a day of climbing.” This pansy was armed with Capilene and PrimaLoft and wasn’t about to miss a chance to expand her comfort zone so well equipped.

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